My name is Tiffany Ahee and I am a Web Designer and Illustrator based in NY. Music and Animation have always been the biggest influences in my life and career. Beginning at three years old, my medium of choice was the Magna Doodle (ya know, the early 90s version of the tablet, or Cintiq).  I would draw anything and everything I could get my hands on. The newspaper funnies, cartoons, characters off the back of cereal boxes; you name it, I drew it. 

I am currently an associate art director at digital marketing agency, 360i,  with past experiences at Atlantic Records and Discovery Communications.

Art is everywhere and I strive to learn everything about it. I enjoy the challenge of creating innovative pieces from start to finish. Conceptualizing how it will be structured, researching, prototyping and ultimately determining what would produce the most enjoyable user experience.  

Feel free to e-mail me at, I am always looking to expand my portfolio with freelance opportunities :)

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Fun Facts:

I dream of having my own cartoon one day, I am left handed, complete silence freaks me out, I have a twin sister, I love moleskine sketchbooks and I'd pick Disneyland over Vegas any day.


"Tiffany is one of the most dedicated designers I've ever worked with. She was always willing to try something new and faces all challenges with strength and poise. She has the ability to marry design and illustration in a way that is truly unique, and I feel lucky to have hired her." - Eric Snowden, Lead Product Designer - Head of Mobile, Behance (Adobe)


"I brought Tiffany on last year at Discovery as a freelance designer and she was able to hit the ground running with very little oversight. She provided some very advanced and sophisticated designs for us for our video experience but also did great production level work. She is a great team member with a very can-do attitude. I look forward to working with her again."- Andrew Lee,  Vice President of Product Development at Christie's